Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Waiting for the waiting room to dry.

Water from the break room started flowing into this Fallbrook dental office and the Doctor decided to place sand bags to keep the water at bay until we could ge... READ MORE

Dental office overflow.

It was just another day at the dental office until the toilet started backing up. The water kept flowing out until the bathroom was covered with two inches of w... READ MORE

New wood floors.

A home full of wooden floors flooded with water and the water sat for a prolonged period of time. When water sits on wood floors it begins to buckle in the area... READ MORE

Main pipe burst in one-story home.

As it always seems to happen, this homeowner was away from home when the main pipe burst. She came home to find the entire home covered with a thin layer of wat... READ MORE

Fire explodes inside of house.

This family was away from home when a lithium battery that was wedged in the back of a closet on the second level of a home exploded and sparked flames in this ... READ MORE

Mold removal

In this home there was a small ongoing leak behind the cabinets that started giving off a "funky" smell. Our crews removed the cabinets and found mold growing f... READ MORE