Commercial Photo Gallery

Respect At Work

All around our office we have posters of motivational words and posters of the importance of excellent service, fairness and respect to everyone. We treat our office staff like family. We want work to be a place of support.


This is a photo of our wall when you first walk into our office. We have all of our owners certificates of completion and license's posted. We are very proud of all of their accomplishments.

Large Water Damage Job

Employees came into work one day to find wet carpet and puddles of water from a flood that happened over night. They called us and we were there ASAP to set up equipment and assess the damage done. The business was so grateful that we were able to get in there and start working so fast. 

Large Dry Out

Here is a photo of the equipment we needed to dry out a very large manufacturer. Their entire conference room and some offices were flooded, the carpet was soaked. We set up air movers and dehumidifiers for several days. 

Flood In A Grocery Store

A local grocery store in Vista had a pipe break and flood a good amount of the store and back storage area. Here in this photo you can see the containments we put up to protect and air movers placed to dry out the place. This is only a small portion of the larger job we did.

Flood In A Gym

This is a job we did for a local gym that had a flood in the main equipment room. We brought in dehumidifiers to take the moisture out of the air and dry out the place.