Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Avoid Mold - Call us first

At SERVPRO of Escondido we know prompt mitigation is VITAL to avoid mold growth, which can be visible in as little 24 to 48 hours under certain

Defense Against Mold Growth:

  • Keep the humidity between 30% and 60%
  • Provide proper drainage away from building foundations
  • Keep gutters and drains clear of debris
  • Inspect roofs, windows and other areas where water might enter the building
  • Respond to all water intrusions immediately
  • Contact SERVPRO of Escondido for assistance after a water damage or if you discover mold

Our 24 hour emergency line is ready for your call (760)746-6440

Mold Infestation

When there is a flood and the water sits for an extended period of time it creates a breeding ground for mold growth. If there is a moisture issue in the building or home due to water intrusion, roof leaks, or poor humidity control, it is important to be aware of the following:

  • Visible mold.
  • A strong musty odor could indicate mold presence.
  • Evidence of past moisture issues that could indicate previous mold growth.
  • Excessive humidity. 

If you suspect mold in your home call SERVPRO of Escondido today! (760)746-6440

Mold Containment

In this home the guest bathroom had a leak from a pipe. The leak went unnoticed for some time because the couple that lives here doesn't use this bathroom that often. A containment was put up to remove the wet walls and mold that started to grow. The containment keeps the mold spores from spreading to other areas of the home.

Mold From A Bathroom Leak

The shower in this Escondido home started leaking a few months back. The homeowner decided to take the problem into their own hands and just soak up the water by themselves. They didn't seek professional help right away. The shower began leaking again into the room next door, this time the homeowner decided to call us. From the time of the first noticed leak to the second one was plenty of time for mold to begin growth. Containment was put up to keep the mold spores from traveling through the house while the walls were cut into. The homeowner was so thankful for the work we did. They wish they would have called sooner.

Moldy Wall

A leak happened overnight for this business. When we opened up the walls there was mold spores that you could visibly see. We removed the mold, and did the proper testing. The owner said there had been a small leak there previously and that is what probably caused the mold to grow because the business owner did not take care of it the previous time. Since we took care of it, they no longer have to worry!

Slow Leak Causes Mold

In this home the sink had been leaking for a long time. The home owner didn't notice until they saw water on the tile on the other side of the bathroom wall. It had been leaking into the cabinets and walls and when we opened up the wall there was mold. We did proper testing and removed the mold along with the wet walls.