Water Damage Photo Gallery

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Another one of our many customers took the time to write an amazing review for our SERVPRO of Escondido franchise. We truly appreciate the support which we receive from all of our clients. If you need a reliable restoration team look no further! SERVPRO of Escondido is always available to assist you and all of your needs 24/7 including all holidays. Whether you are experiencing water damage, fire damage or simply discovered some growth in your home - call our office direct for a free estimate (760)746-6440. 


Here we have Tim working our SERVPRO booth at the State Farm convention. Tim is our repairs manager. He gave the agents that peace of mind that their insured will still be taken care of after the water damage is mitigated and the area is prepared for repairs. 

SERVPRO Convention

Last week SERVPRO of Escondido represented SERVPRO at a State Farm convention. We got to meet and greet many State Farm agents directing them to the appropriate SERVPRO representative in their area. The agents travel to Irvine from Hawaii to New York and from our local area of Escondido. We discussed water damage from their insured and how to go about it. It was a great day!

Heavy Rains Water Damage

The heavy rains outside found their way into this home and the walls soaked it up. Always keep an eye out for small open areas near windows and doors where outside weather can sneak in! Patch them up ASAP!

A Slow Leak

In this home there was a slow leak from a pipe inside of the wall. Luckily the damage was caught before mold had a chance to grow. Kitchens are high caution areas for water damage. 


This is one of our large Dehumidifiers drying out a homeowners kitchen. It works by pulling moisture out for deep drying. This machine is what helps us give the customer a quicker and easier dry out process from floods.

Certificate of Satisfaction

Here is a perfect rating from a customer on a water damage job we did for him. It is very important for us to be the best we can and provide A+ service to our customers.