Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Large Loss

SERVPRO has a large loss response team that is here to serve any large loss commercial needs. . During a large storm disaster SERVPRO corporate sends out a "sea of green" which is when all the SERVPROS from across the country come together to help during a large storm disaster

It's amazing to see all the help that comes together. SERVPRO of Escondido is dedicated to helping you in your time of need (760)746-6440

Who's got your back?

Do you ever worry about your belongings being safely handled during an emergency? 

Recently experienced a storm in your area that caused water damage? Our Pack out Division has the skills and techniques to get your contents safely transported to our SERVPRO climate controlled storage facility.

Once our mitigation team is complete, we return those items to you! With our strategic Pack out techniques we are able to place those items back in your home "Like it never even happened." 

Call SERVPRO of Escondido for all of your pack out needs(760)746-6440

A Room Underwater In Texas

This Texas home had damage to an entire room from the hurricane. The damage done to these walls was so severe that we had to remove it all. SERVPRO of Escondido was able to come in and get it done quickly so the homeowners could have their home back! 

Water Up The Walls In Texas

Another home we worked in had damage on and in most of the walls. Hurricane Harvey caused a lot of water damage to the homes that survived it. It was a sad time for so many people but SERVPRO of Escondido was happy to help in any way we could.

Stairway To Water

Another Texas home that we worked on had water leak in from the front door and damaged the staircase. The heavy rains from Hurricane Harvey flooded the front rooms of this home. 

Flood In A Kitchen

SERVPRO traveled from Escondido all the way to Texas to help from the disaster that Hurricane Harvey created. This homes entire kitchen was flooded with water. Our team members removed the affected walls and placed air movers to dry out the wet wood in the walls.